Decisions, Decisions: Granite Countertops Edges

Granite counter tops are a big decision that can change the look of an entire room. It takes some research and planning to define the perfect counter for your space. Once you’ve chosen the type of granite and the amount of polish or matte effect for the surface of the granite, it’s time to select […]

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The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow

Looking forward to a fun-filled St. Patrick’s celebration in your backyard?

The Leprechauns will envy your Big Green Egg when they smell the steaks you’ll cook up in your backyard. Maybe they’ll even trade for a pot of gold!

“EGGs” combine the clay egg-shape design of kamados found in archaeological digs with modern materials and construction techniques […]

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Think Spring In The Winter

Now that we have said good-bye to Summer, we can forget about fire pits for the season, right? We could. But we think now is the perfect time to think about them.

If you already have one, how is it holding up? The last time you used it did you find yourself wondering if you […]

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Preparing and Maintaining Your Indoor Fireplace

Are you looking forward to using your indoor fireplace as winter heads your way? They are more than decorative mantels, family portraits and having a place to hang your stockings. Fireplaces are obviously one of the resources we use to heat our homes and in order to do so they have to be prepared and […]

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Grilling Recipe for Bacon Wrapped, Feta Stuffed Chicken Breast

It’s grilling season (we don’t believe in a non-grilling season), and what better way to impress your friends than with a new grilling recipe? Though stuffed chicken breast is traditionally cooked in the oven, this recipe makes grilling it just as easy. Keep in mind that this recipe makes 4 servings, so multiply it as […]

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Choosing Mantels for Your Home this Holiday Season

Holiday Mantels

As one enters a living room or bedroom, a fireplace immediately attracts attention and creates a cozy look. A fireplace mantel creates a focal point in a room and adds a finishing touch to a home. While there are many choices with mantels, it’s wise to choose a look that enhances the aesthetics of […]

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Preparing Thanksgiving Dinner…Outdoors!

Cooking For Thanksgiving

Who says you need to cook Thanksgiving dinner indoors? Cooking outside will keep the heat out of the kitchen and add a fun twist to a traditional holiday. With a few of our products, preparing Thanksgiving dinner outside is now a possibility.

The turkey. The turkey is the centerpiece of your dinner, so […]

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Reclaimed Wood Fireplace Surrounds

Should You Use Reclaimed Wood?
Who’s hotter than Joanna Gaines? She and her husband, Chip, renovate homes in Waco, Texas and entertain viewers with their witty banter on HGTV’s Fixer Upper. There’s a reason that Joanna uses reclaimed wood in almost every house she refurbishes. It warms a room with soft variegated grays and browns associated […]

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Expand Your Halloween Party With a Fire Pit

When you think of a fire pit, do you think of summer nights with friends and family? People seated around a fire with a cool drink while the kids roast marshmallows? We love those relaxed evenings. We also love using fire pits in the fall season.

As the weather cools, people naturally move their parties and […]

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The Great Grill Debate

October is the perfect time for grill-roasted root vegetables or hot, juicy beef tenderloin. But which grill will help you craft the perfect roast?

There are so many options on the market these days that beginning your search can be overwhelming. One of the first questions you will need to ask yourself is this: “Do I […]

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