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When you think of a fire pit, do you think of summer nights with friends and family? People seated around a fire with a cool drink while the kids roast marshmallows? We love those relaxed evenings. We also love using fire pits in the fall season.

As the weather cools, people naturally move their parties and get-together’s indoors. For many hosts, limited space means a limited guest list. With a fire pit on your patio or in your back yard, you can open up another entertaining area for your home, particularly if you host a costume party.
As people pack into your house, especially in costumes, the temperature rises. By offering a glowing fire in the safety of an outdoor fire pit, you offer your guests a breather. They can step outside for a breath of cool air and still be part of the festivities.
Fall is also a great time to offer a twist on the traditional s’more. With Halloween candy in abundance, pick up some extra to place by your fire pit. Peppermint patties, variety bags of chocolate bars, and many others go so well with roasted marshmallow. Your guests will enjoy experimenting.
Set a table with roasting sticks, s’mores ingredients, small plates, and wet wipes nearby. Don’t forget a trash can for all those candy wrappers! People will want more than just firelight to put together their snacks. If you are feeling crafty, make some fun fall or Halloween themed lanterns using battery-powered tea lights to decorate your outdoor space. Or if you prefer, string up white or party themed lights.
If you invite children whose parents will feel more comfortable keeping a direct eye on them, make sure they are comfortable outside. Provide chairs and blankets near your fire pit so they can sit outside longer on a chilly night. A slow cooker filled with hot cider will go a long way in helping to keep your outdoor guests happy as well.
Do you need a new fire pit or other outdoor kitchen products? Contact us to help you make the perfect selection for your lifestyle.