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Ipe furniture is made from Ipe wood, which is a hardwood like teak.  Ipe is two times harder than teak and considerably more flame and water resistant.  The remarkable resilience of Ipe wood provides protection from damage, scuffing, cracking and warping due to weather, wear, and time.  Ipe timber exhibits a deep chocolate-brown grain when new that may be allowed to naturally age to an elegant silver patina or brought back to an ‘as new’ finish at any time. With proper care and maintenance, the strength, color and beauty of Ipe furniture can be enjoyed for a lifetime.  We solely incorporate the finest, most responsibly sourced materials for all of our luxury furniture. That quest has led us to the dry tropical forests of South America. Eastern Bolivia’s environment enables Ipe trees to take up to a century or more to reach maturity before being harvested. This unhurried, uninterrupted growth greatly enhances the timber’s density, strength and durability. As a result, the advanced age and sizable diameter of the full-grown century trees allows us to use solid heartwood as the building block of our furniture. The heartwood center of the tree is prized for its structural stability and natural resistance to the contraction and swelling that often results from seasonal climate changes.  All our Ipe furniture is made from FSC certified wood so it is sustainably sourced and harvested.