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Granite is a common choice for counter tops, and we can easily see why.

Here are seven reasons why we believe granite counter tops have become so popular.

  • First reason: Granite is a hard material, which makes it strong. It’s resistant to cracking, scratching, and chipping, and it can tolerate heat well.
  • Second reason: Granite lasts a long time. Choose granite if you never want to have to replace your counter tops again.
  • Third reason: Granite is easy to clean. Professionals seal granite counter tops, which makes the material resist stains and bacteria. With only soap and water cleaning, granite counter tops look brand new for many years.
  • Fourth reason: Granite is a stunningly beautiful material. With textured, earthy tones that come in an array of shades, granite is a common choice because of its elegance and natural appeal.
  • Fifth reason: Granite counter tops add value to a property. If you ever plan on selling your property, granite counter tops will make your real estate¬†worth more. These counters will also make your property more desirable, which could lead to a faster sale.
  • Sixth reason: Granite doesn’t fade. If you’re thinking of installing an outdoor kitchen this Fall season, choosing granite for the counter top is a wise decision. This material won’t fade with chronic exposure to sunlight like other materials can.
  • Seventh reason: Granite is a chopping surface. As long as it’s clean, you can chop vegetables directly on a granite counter. Granite is so hard that your knife won’t damage it.

At Forshaw St. Louis, we install granite counter tops in a variety of colors and styles. When you’re ready to update your counter tops to granite, please contact us.