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Granite counter tops are a big decision that can change the look of an entire room. It takes some research and planning to define the perfect counter for your space. Once you’ve chosen the type of granite and the amount of polish or matte effect for the surface of the granite, it’s time to select the corner and edge styles.

Here are some suggestions for choosing the ideal granite countertop edge:

High Traffic Areas
For busy areas of the home with lots of corners, choose a rounded edge. For example, it’s possible to soften the look of a bathroom, bar, or kitchen with round counter edges. This gives a room a graceful flow, even if there’s not a lot of space. The rounded corners will likely blend into the design of the room so that they become part of the background – and not center stage.
Types of rounded edges include erased edges, ogee edges, or bullnose edges. An erased edge has a flat vertical side with the corner completely rounded off. In contrast, a bullnose edge has a very rounded vertical side with a soft, subtly rounded corner. Other options include demi bullnose or quarter round edges if you have more specific preferences.
It can help to take note of other edges around your home. If you have lots of corners and tight spaces, a rounded counter edge helps to balance a layout. It’s also possible to match rounded edges of counters throughout a home. You’ll want to decide on a type of rounded edge well before the counters are installed, otherwise, you’ll likely need to hire a qualified contractor to round the of the edges of counters (which can become a big project that requires lots of precautions).

Low-Traffic Areas
If your kitchen is quiet, minimalist, and spacious, you may want a straighter edge to your counters. Straight counter edges have a more geometric look and can work well in open spaces. If you aren’t looking to add a lot of details to your home, and you want a modern aesthetic, a simple straight edge might be the option for you.
Alternatives to straight edges are beveled edge and chiseled edges. Beveled edges have a clean multidimensional look, which softens the edge without looking rounded. Meanwhile, a chiseled edge has a unique rough appearance for those who prefer counter edges that look like natural stone.
If you would like more information about selecting granite countertops for indoor or outdoor home design projects, contact us.