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October is the perfect time for grill-roasted root vegetables or hot, juicy beef tenderloin. But which grill will help you craft the perfect roast?
There are so many options on the market these days that beginning your search can be overwhelming. One of the first questions you will need to ask yourself is this: “Do I want the convenience of gas or the unbeatable flavor of charcoal?” Both gas and charcoal grills have their place in a well-equipped home, but there are some key differences that you might want to consider when you make your next purchase.
Here are some pros and cons for each choice for you to use as a general guide:
PROS: When convenience is king, gas grills are easy to use and can be fired up quickly in under ten minutes. They also have great temperature control and are relatively low-maintenance. At Forshaw, we can even help you install a natural gas grill that connects directly into your gas line! You’ll never run out of fuel and you won’t even have to leave the house to get your propane tank filled.
CONS: Generally, gas grills have a smaller temperature range than charcoal; they don’t get as hot and they don’t smolder as low. Gas also makes it difficult to obtain the same complex, smoky flavor that can be achieved on a charcoal grill. While top-of-the-line gas grills have made great advances in temperature range and flavor possibilities, they also tend to be a bit more expensive than charcoal grills on average.
SUMMARY: Absolutely the best for quick dinners, simple to use, and low-maintenance for casual parties.
PROS: As I mentioned above, the flavor produced by a skillfully operated charcoal grill just can’t be beat. These grills are designed for smoking meat to perfection and have magnificent temperature ranges from a low smolder to a searing heat of over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. If you love to cook long and slow, you definitely want to cook with charcoal. You can also get a fantastic charcoal grill without breaking the bank.
CONS: Though they produce great flavor, charcoal grills make you work for it. They require more regular maintenance (clearing out the ashes, cleaning the bars, etc.) than a good gas grill, and they’re more complex to operate. The fuel is less consistent and there are just more factors to consider when trying to regulate temperature. A long, slow cooking project will require checking in often. Charcoal grills also take a bit longer to fire up than gas. They’re a bit of a hassle for quick, weeknight dinners.
SUMMARY: A must-have for Grill Masters or anyone hoping to craft mind-blowing flavor in their own backyard.
Now that you know what kind of grill you need, it’s time to pick the perfect setup for your perfect patio. Check out our amazing selection of gas and charcoal grills right here, and be sure to contact us when you’re ready to get serious about your search.