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Should You Use Reclaimed Wood?

Who’s hotter than Joanna Gaines? She and her husband, Chip, renovate homes in Waco, Texas and entertain viewers with their witty banter on HGTV’s Fixer Upper. There’s a reason that Joanna uses reclaimed wood in almost every house she refurbishes. It warms a room with soft variegated grays and browns associated with cozy cabins and country barns.
Weathered wood is becoming scarce, so it adds to a home’s value and creates an ambiance of comfort and drama. A part of our history, its character reminds us of the snow fences and corral wood of the American landscape. Today, reclaimed wood is very popular for accent walls, floors, furniture, mantels, and even fireplace surrounds.
Indoor fireplaces are a feature of a home that people envy, and appearance matters. It’s the focal point of a common living area. Creative re-facing with reclaimed wood can transform a ho-hum underwhelming, outdated fireplace into a home’s pièce de résistance and something to enjoy for years. Forshaw of St. Louis can update your wood-burning fireplace with an electric or gas insert that will complement the rustic look of a weathered wood fireplace surround.
Creating a reclaimed wood fireplace surround incorporates elements of nature within its architecture and design. The balance, scale and harmony of the room will dictate the pattern which could be horizontal or vertical, alternating the colors and seams, or herringbone and chevron designs to create a unique look.
Reclaimed wood boards are naturally aged and cured for years by the sun, wind, rain, and snow. This natural process avoids the energy-intensive way of kiln drying the wood and creating a carbon negative product. In fact, either interior or exterior use is eligible for LEED points for being an environmentally preferable product, according to the US Green Building Council.
Once the spectacular surround of your fireplace furnishes your living area with warmth, take the next step to add an accent wall, sliding barn door, mantle, or beams to make the room even more distinctive. Bring your fireplace to life with a visit to Forshaw’s showroom and spark your creative flair.