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An outdoor fire pit is a great way to add style and comfort to your space.  Whether you want to use natural gas piped from your home, an LP cylinder concealed in the table, or seasoned hardwood, we have something for you.  Natural and LP gas fire pits provide 40-90,000 BTUs of heat (about as much as the gas fireplace you have inside).  That’s not enough to be out there when its below freezing, but this helps to warm you up on those days when it’s cloudy and in the 50s or on spring or fall nights.  Wood firepits can provide tremendous heat, since the BTU output is really only limited by how much wood you can safely stack in the firepit at one time.  We have traditional wood burning firepits in a variety of sizes, as well as smokeless wood firepits that give you all the warmth with none of the smell and smoke!  Whatever your patio fire pit needs are, our patio fire pits for sale are a great value that will last you for many years.