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Gas and charcoal grills have long been the center attraction at Memorial Day parties. The air carries the aroma of burgers, steaks or ribs and the family and friends start circling in to reminisce about days gone by and share the nuances of today.
But which kind of grill is best for your event? Taste is subjective. While a charcoal grill may infuse the meat with a woody flavor, gas grills can also create flavorful meats cooked in the smoke of the meat drippings.
Consider how you want to cook the meat. Do you want to sear it? Smoke it? Cook it slowly and gently?
What fuel are you most comfortable using? Gas grills have dial-controls to help regulate temperature. Remember, these are guides. A successful outdoor cook knows to adjust depending on outdoor weather conditions. Charcoal requires some experience in how much to use and how to arrange it for the desired cooking effect.
Forshaw St. Louis offers several quality grill styles and accessories to complete your outdoor kitchen with elegance, style and flavor. Their experienced staff can help you choose the grill best-suited to your needs and tastes and can install a new gas grill directly to your natural gas lines for your convenience. Professional installation gives you freedom of mind knowing that it will be both attractive and safe.
Outdoor cooking is a fun way to bring your family and friends together as you commemorate Memorial Day. Please contact us today to learn more about our selection of grills and accessories to make your holiday a grand success.