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The Dedicated Griller

Snowy Days Bring Grilling Heroes!

elevated view of hamburgers sausage corn and kebabs on barbeque
Down in Florida, they brag about grilling all year long. Well, here in St. Louis, we have brave men and women who grill all year round, too. These are not your fair-weather grillers who pop on a couple of brats’ when it’s 88 degrees out. No, these are those heroes who know that their grill should always be kept highly tuned and ready for action. They are the ones you’ll see wearing their ice encrusted Mad Bomber hats, snow and flame swirling around as they daintily rearrange the ribs, flipping each and moving them to hotter or cooler spots, as appropriate. You’ll know them as they carefully clear the snow from their custom designed Exterus outdoor kitchen, reveal its gleaming surfaces and work their grilling magic.
Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff looks forward to meeting with you to help you design your dream outdoor kitchen. Maybe you don’t need the whole kitchen – we’ll be happy to help you choose one of our high-quality gas or charcoal grills. While we do carry high-quality propane grills, we specialize in piping natural gas directly to your grill, so that you will never have to worry about running out of propane during a blizzard, again. If you haven’t bought a grill in a while, you are in for a pleasant surprise. The high quality of today’s grills far surpasses what we had in years past.
To learn more about how to be an outdoor grilling hero, or just to share your favorite grilling story or recipe, please contact us or stop by our showroom.