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Game On!

Backyard Furniture Sets the Stage for Fun!

Although some of us are still digging out from under Mother Nature’s winter wrath, Spring has officially sprung, and it’s time to come out of hibernation. And while relaxing within the comfort of your Gesun Casual Living backyard furniture is about the best pastime ever, sometimes it’s nice to stretch the legs and work up a little appetite for the evening’s barbecue. Whether you live in the suburbs with a big yard, or an apartment with a tiny terrace, there’s plenty of backyard fun and games to keep your friends and family happy and healthy.
Rough & Ready
Don’t let the elegant design fool you. When it comes to outdoor playtime, nothing stands up to the rigors of rough-and-tumble like Gensun Casual Living backyard furniture. Each piece features a long-lasting powder coated finish and mildew-resistant, quick-drying outdoor upholstery from Sunbrella. All Gensun Casual Living outdoor furniture is designed and constructed with the active family in mind.
Game On!
For you suburban types, the fence line is the limit! From badminton to bocce ball, horseshoes to hide-and-seek, it’s time to partake in a little friendly outdoor competition with the kids and neighbors. Here are some favorite yard games, appropriate for all ages—and all competition levels, too!
It’s a sure sign that summer is on its way when the badminton nets go up. Invented during the colonization of India, badminton was derived from numerous racket-and-ball sports as a pastime for British officers relegated to the outback of the Empire. But enough history! Badminton is simple to set up, and easy to play.
What you need: Badminton net, rackets and a shuttlecock
How to play: Players (2–4) take sides. The shuttlecock is served over the net and kept in play until someone misses. Serve changes sides every time there is a miss until 11 or 21 points are scored.

Forshaw STL MO, Missouri Outdoor Furniture
Look at that focus! Anyone can play badminton!

Bocce Ball
Another game from the Old World, bocce was invented by the ancient Romans of yore. And like other great Roman inventions such as aqueducts and concrete, it’s still around today. What’s great about bocce ball is you can do it just about anywhere—on a nice grassy lawn, on a decomposed granite patio or at the beach! Anyone can play. If you have a little ol’ Italian grandma in your family—don’t underestimate her. Bocce ball is ruthlessly Roman.
What you need: A set of bocce balls; a yard, bocce court or sandy beach
How to play: The purpose of the game is to get your bocce balls closer to the pallino (a small marker ball) than all other players. You may knock their balls out of the way, but keep in mind, your opponents can knock yours, too!

Here’s another one from across the pond. It would seem that all the British did back in the day was make up ways to play in the grass. Not a bad legacy in our book.
What you need: 9 wickets, 2 stakes, 2–8 multi-colored mallets and matching balls
How to play: Play as teams or individuals. Set up your wickets and stakes in the grass as shown in the diagram above. The object is to get your ball all the way across the course ahead of your competitors. But you have to get your ball through the wickets first. Go bag a few “wickets.
Short Game: If you’re short on yard, we won’t leave you on the bench! For all you “gamer types, step out on the porch, patio or terrace for activities that don’t require too much real estate.
You’ll always be right on target with darts. The game of tossing small, feathered missiles at a circular board also originated with the Brits. The object of the game is to hit the middle of the board, a.k.a. the bull’s-eye, and other high scoring areas on the board. The person with the highest score wins.
What you need: A dartboard, darts (three per play), 10’ of clear space and a chalkboard for keeping score (a notepad works just fine—but chalkboards are better for bragging rights). You can also find Velcro versions for the kids.
How to play: Dartboards are easy to hang just about anywhere there’s a wall.
After a hard day of play, fire up the grill and celebrate with a couple of cold drinks from your outdoor kitchen. You’ll be the MVP with your friends and family when they kick back and relax in the comfort of Gensun Casual Living’s durable, cast aluminum outdoor furniture.
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