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Big Style Ideas for Small Outdoor Spaces

Gensun Outdoor Furniture has Some Big Style Ideas for Small Outdoor Spaces
Whether you’re a homeowner with a petite patio or an urban dweller with a diminutive deck, here are some tips for making a big impact with your small space.
Plan it Out
How do you envision using your outdoor space? Optimizing small quarters for maximum enjoyment requires prioritization. Create a floor-plan and consider traffic flow. If you’re bumping into the outdoor furniture or navigating plant-scapes like a jungle guide, you’re less likely to want to spend time in what could be a peaceful hideaway.
Sized to Scale
It’s ok to dream big, but remember, oversized furnishings quickly overwhelm a small space. The same applies to your green-scapes. Immature plants get big so make sure your selections don’t become a veritable “Jack’s Beanstalk within a couple of seasons.
Double Duty
Consider pieces that serve double duty. Gensun’s versatile Avanti outdoor furniture collection provides sectional options for individual seating. Pushed together, they become a sofa for cozy conversations. Balance your seating and dining needs based on your floor plan.
A convertible fire table provides warmth on chilly nights and flexibility when not aflame. Use it as a dinner or cocktail table for alfresco dining, or cuddle up to the fire with cocoa and marshmallows. Gensun’s fire pits come in a variety of shapes, heights, and sizes to fit any space.
Well-designed spaces build upon one feature element. Depending on your plan (and budget) a definitive focal point serves as the “compass to orient your outdoor furnishings—this is especially important for limited spaces. Go with a Gensun fire pit if your patio has the space, if not, try a wall-hung water fountain, a sculpture piece or a living “green wall for added privacy.
Contain Yourself
From modern to Mediterranean, planters of varying shapes, sizes and materials add color and style to your backyard oasis. Complete the scene with planters filled with seasonal foliage and fragrant flowers. Place pots on moveable bases for easy relocation and endless design options.
Get in the Zone
Clever patio furniture arrangements combined with outdoor rugs visually differentiate dining from lounging areas to create usage “zones. Rugs and potted plants divide the space and help you to get the most out of your outdoor room!
Privacy Please
Pump up the privacy of your urban outdoor abode with movable screens. Walls of potted bamboo, or a trellis covered in vining plants provide semi-sheer curtains that let the light in and add a bit of snap while protecting your haven from prying eyes.
Use these simple guidelines to add another “room to your home—and you’ll never want to come inside.
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