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Get Your Gutters Fall/Winter Ready

Now that fall is upon us, you will want to prepare your home for the colder temperatures. While it still isn’t incredibly cold outside, you should take care of those gutters so that you won’t have to brave freezing temperatures when they need to be cleaned. Taking these steps to clean your gutters will ensure that your home, roof, & Forshaw yard is beautiful & functional all year round!
There is no easy way to clean out your gutters, but it has to be done. The best time to get up on a well-anchored ladder and get all the leaves and debris out are after a good rain. Slowly work your way around your home and move the ladder when you need to. Do not overextend your reach. We want all of our Forshaw customers to be safe during these home maintenance. Also be sure to wear gloves!
After cleaning out your gutters, make sure they are debris and clog free by running a flush of a steady stream or water though them. This can easily be done from the ground by shooting a stream of water up onto the roof so that it flows into your gutters. To be sure that the downspouts are cleaned well you will need to be on a constant stream to ensure that they are cleared out.
While cleaning your gutters, you should take the opportunity to check that they do not have any leaks or holes in them. If you do find small holes or leaks, they can be easily fixed using rubber cement or putty. For larger holes, you will need a fitted piece of sheet metal.
You will also need to check the fascia boards, which are the boards that hang on the underside of your roof that your gutters are attached to. Your gutters can come loose if these boards are not fastened to your home properly. Time and weather can have an effect on these boards, so you’ll want to check for any dry rot or mold, as well as checking that the screws are tightly fastened.