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BBQ Season Is Back!

Smell That Smoke & See The Savings!

If you are the master of grill season, or a soon to be master of grilling then our current special has got your covered for the 2015 BBQ season & the many that will take place after that!
We have a great selection of Weber gas & charcoal grills not to mention all the parts and accessories you may need!
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Consider coming in to check out this Genesis EP-310 Gas Grill:

  • Total cooking area is 637 square inches
  • 38.000 BTI-Per hour input main burners
  • Natural gas grillĀ  includes a 10 foot flexible hose
  • TWO stainless steel work surfaces

Be sure and check out our grilled shrimp with honey & lime recipe to try out on your new grill. This meal is perfect for poolside goers!