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Celebrate National Corn on the Cob Day!

How to grill corn, corn on the cob, forshaw stl, forshaws
You may be wondering, “Is this REALLY a national day?” Yes, it is! And, we are delighted to celebrate! There are plenty ways to cook corn on the cob, and several recipes you can use to spruce up the flavor or amp up your grilling game when it comes to this vegetable!
We are curious what our reader’s go-to for corn on the cob is. Answer our questions by commenting to our post!
The first question is: by what means will you be cooking your corn?

  1. Will you be grilling your corn over a charcoal grill?
  2. Will you be grilling your corn on the cob over a gas grill?
  3. Will you boil your corn over the stove?

How do you prepare your corn?

  1. Do you grill corn with the husk still attached, or do you remove the corn husk?
  2. Do you add any seasonings or additional flavors like butter?