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Choosing Mantels for Your Home this Holiday Season

Holiday Mantels As one enters a living room or bedroom, a fireplace immediately attracts attention and creates a cozy look. A fireplace mantel creates a focal point in a room and adds a finishing touch to a home. While there are many choices with mantels, it’s wise to choose a look that enhances the aesthetics…

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Fall into Autumn Decorating

Fun and Fabulous Fall Mantel Decorations Seasonal decorating is one of the easiest and most fun ways to give your home a little lift throughout the year. And if you have a fireplace mantel, you’ve got the perfect spot – there are so many fabulous ways to decorate your mantel for fall, from understated elegance…

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Experience the Fine Craftsmanship of Forshaw Mantels

Fireplaces are one of the top three amenities that prospective home buyers like in a home. Whether they’re used for heating or simply to create a cozy ambiance, just their presence can add value to a home. Fireplaces are the focal point of many rooms they grace and mantels are their crowning glory, so you…

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