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Your mantel should have 3 layers to think about while you’re creating your mantel look. There should be an anchor, weight, & filler. 
Anchor: This will be a large object at the focal point for the center of the mantel. For the most part this may be something that you can hang onto your wall behind the mantel: a television, a mirror, or a piece of artwork, for instance.
Weight: The weight has two parts. You will place items on the far right & left sides of your mantel. They don’t necessarily have to be identical items, but should be similar in size & weight. Their height should also be below where the top of your anchor hits.
Filler: These will be objects that you place between  your weight & underneath your anchor. Choose objects that are all different heights but still all small than your weight items.
With these three layers you will make a triangular type of movement. The weight & the anchor will be the three points.
With all the objects you use as your layers, have fun & try to find pieces that express your personality & style. Browse other mantel decor ideas & take those ideas & make them yours. Change up the decor with the seasons or with your moods, it’s up to you!