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Keeping Your Outdoor Furniture Upholstery Mold- and Mildew-Free

Mold-Mildew Free
Mildew and mold are both types of fungi that thrive in damp environments and can grow on just about anything. While these musty microbes are essential and beneficial in many applications, from ecological recycling to the development of life-saving drugs (penicillin anyone?), they are positively no good for your outdoor furniture. Left unchecked, mold and mildew can stain and shorten the life of even the best outdoor fabrics. But there are a few things you can do to keep your outdoor room and its furnishings mold-free.
First of all, when choosing fabrics for your outdoor furniture upholstery, don’t skimp on quality. Gensun Casual Living outdoor furniture upholstery is made using the finest in mold- and mildew-resistant outdoor fabrics from Sunbrella and Phifer. Sunbrella fabrics, specifically designed for outdoor use, are treated with a fluorocarbon finish, which acts as a superior water repellant.
Second, take care. With regular cleaning and proper storage, you can keep your outdoor furnishings free from funky fungus and looking good, season after season.
The Ol’ Brush-Off
After use, take a whiskbroom to your outdoor upholstery to brush off any loose dirt from cushions and slings, paying attention to seams, buttons and edgings. This helps prevent topical dust and dirt from embedding into the fabric. Be sure to wipe up spills as soon as they occur and allow cushions to dry thoroughly.
Before winter storage, deep clean your outdoor furniture upholstery. Here’s our perfect “sudsy solution:
• Mix ¼ cup mild soap – such as Woolite or Dawn dishwashing liquid – with one gallon of lukewarm water
• Using a soft bristle brush, apply solution to cushions and scrub gently, allowing the cleaning solution to soak into the fabric
• Scrub lightly but be sure to get down into the seams and zipper pull areas
• Rinse thoroughly until water runs clean
• Air-dry completely before storing
For more cleaning options and instructions, Sunbrella made this YouTube video tutorial that we really like.
Spot On
For spot cleaning or stains from suntan lotions and sunscreens:
• Using a spray bottle, apply a light mist of soap solution to stained area
• Work solution into the stain using a soft bristle brush, repeating if necessary
• Rinse thoroughly and blot excess liquid
• Allow area to dry thoroughly before storage
Never store wet cushions in an airtight container, and always let them air-dry thoroughly before storage. Follow these simple steps and keep your Gensun Casual Living outdoor furniture upholstery free from mold and mildew and looking great season after season.
Btw, mold isn’t just an issue for outdoor furniture. For more information on how to combat this pesky fungus throughout the house, our home improvement hero, Bob Vila, has some great tips.
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