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Is All Aluminum Sling Furniture the Same?

Wednesday, July 18th 2012

Patio furniture is no different from cars or computers or refrigerators. You get what you pay for. We like to tell people that if they want to buy a car for $100, it’s out there….. you just might not want to drive it! How is our furniture different from the big boxes’? It’s heavier and has a better finish that will last much longer. If you tear a sling in a year or two, we can get you a replacement – so you won’t end up with a mismatched set (if you can even get a matching chair frame after the big box has switched suppliers overseas). You can get replacement parts like glides and caps. And you can add to your set later as well. Think about buying once instead of throwing away and starting over every few years. You’ll save money and hassle, and your patio will look better and be more usable.