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Christmas Cookie Recipes

Everyone have there own favorite holiday cookie, but it is also fun to start your own cookie traditions. So we found some recipes that should be fun to try. Let us know how they turn out for you!

“What could be better than a Christmas decoration that you can eat?  Well, these gorgeous sugared Christmas Wreath Cookies are exactly that!”

“Chewy, soft, with a bit of spice — I recommend this recipe for anyone who only slightly likes gingerbread. The red and white cuteness in the middle are candy cane kisses

A combination of two of our favorite things…cookies and Christmas Trees!

“Kids will delight in helping to create these fun snowman cookies.”

“These babies are so easy to put together. Infact, once you have mastered the art of moulding  the biscuits into a basket shape and loading up the chocolate filling, you can decorate them anyway you like.  Each one looks a little different and I think has a personality all of its own.”