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Powder Coated Outdoor Furniture

Care & Upkeep of Your Powder Coated Outdoor Furniture

When you hear the term, “powder coated, does it conjure up an image of your dear old grandmother’s heavily dusted visage? Well, we’re talking a different kind of powder these days. With advances in paint science, polymers and all kinds of other groovy technologies, today’s powder coated outdoor furniture provides a long-lasting and durable finish.
Powder coatings are thermoplastic, or thermostat, polymer resins mixed with pigments, curatives and other ingredients melted together, cooled and ground into a fine powder. This free-flowing powder is applied by an electrostatic gun to bind with the “grounded object – usually metal – before the final stage of heat curing.
A very efficient process, powder coating generally uses less material than its spray paint counterpart and provides a far superior finish.
Down to Basics for a Phenomenal Finish
All outdoor furniture and outdoor kitchen collections  start with a powder coated base. From there, many go on to get additional powder coatings, augmented by a hand antiquing process, and a clear coat finish guaranteed for 3 years not to fade or chip.
Got You Covered
Consider the pleasure quotient ROI when investing in your outdoor living areas. In combination with Gensun Casual Living’s industry-leading 15-year structural warranty, think of it as the best of ALL worlds – high quality, beautiful, long-lasting patio furniture and outdoor kitchens to perfectly complement your lifestyle.