Adding a fireplace is easier than you think and adds warmth and value to your home

If you want to add a fireplace to your home, a direct vent gas fireplace is a great solution.  By adding a direct vent fireplace, you can avoid expensive exterior modifications to your home.  These fireplaces, when placed on an outside wall, can be vented directly out the back collar of the unit.  Forshaw specializes in installation and service of these fireplaces.  We can help you with installation of the firebox, gas line, and finishing around the fireplace with our wood and stone mantels.  Direct vent fireplaces are efficient.  By adding a direct vent, you're adding another heat source to your home, as well as adding a beautiful fireplace.

Adding a direct vent gas insert is a great way to give you extra heat and seal up your old, drafty fireplace

Direct vent gas inserts are designed to fit into an existing metal or masonry fireplace.  These fireplaces transform your old, drafty fireplace into an efficient furnace.  When we install these inserts, we run an intake and exhaust up through your existing chimney, and seal around the damper so that no cold air can leak into the house.  Each insert has a special safety screen that prevents children, or pets from burning themselves on the hot glass.  You have many choices of insert, screen fronts, controls, and interior options.

You can add a vent-free fireplace to your home to affordably add supplemental heat

Vent-free gas logs and fireplaces are an affordable way to add extra heat to your home.  Log sets can be installed into existing masonry fireplaces for a realistic, efficient heat source.  Vent-free fireboxes can be installed in basements or other rooms where venting is difficult or impossible to run.  There are some drawbacks with vent-free, and it isn't suitable for all people.  It does produce an odor when burning, and those people who have small children or breathing problems shouldn't use this product.

Converting your fireplace to gas has never been easier or more affordable

Vented gas logs are a great alternative to burning wood.  Forshaw installs both the log set and gas line, making it easy for you to enjoy your fireplace.  Take that fireplace that is dirty or unused and add the warmth and glow of a new log set.  RealFyre logs are made from concrete with metal reinforcement (warrantied against breakage for as long as you own them), and are hand-painted in many styles for unparalleled realism.  Tall, yellow flames make these indistinguishable from real wood fires.