Christmas Trees

Faux Christmas Tree Display At Forshaw, you’ll find the area’s largest selection of fine permanent Christmas trees.  Our trees are sturdy and realistic, and are much more economical than replacing them each year.  Traditional harvested trees can be messy to deal with, and, as they dry out, can become a real fire hazard.  Our trees can be bought ready to string with your own lights, or pre-lit with either white or colored lights.  They are easy to assemble, and easy to put away for next year.  No fuss, no mess!  We also feature garlands and wreaths for that extra touch!

Visit Forshaw of St. Louis and check out our beautiful display – it’s the easiest way to bring Christmas spirit and tradition into your home, and contribute to the safety of your family!




















What you should check if the lights on your pre-lit Christmas tree are out.


1)  Check the power cord/cords.  Is the set that is out plugged in?

A power cord can be loose or missed when assembling the tree.


2)  Are there any bulbs missing or broken?  If so, the set will not light until a bulb is in each socket.

Be sure you use the correct voltage replacement bulbs when replacing bad ones. The voltage should be listed on the information package that comes with the tree.  Using

the wrong voltage can blow, brighten or dim a light set.  Most 50 and 100 light sets use 2.5 voltage bulbs.  Replacement bulbs come with your tree. When used to replace a bad bulb, the cup on the bad light should be saved so when you have to purchase them later you will have cups that fit your set.


3)  With the lights out you have no choice but to remove and check each bulb for broken or twisted wires.  A “Light Keeper Pro”  can be helpful in locating bad bulbs.  They are available in most Christmas departments (Walgreen’s, Target etc.).


4)  Does the plug have a fuse?  If it does, it will have a door that slides open revealing 2 very tiny fuses.  It is very rare the set is out because of those fuses.


5)  If set can not be fixed, a replacement set of lights can be laid over set that is out or the bad set can be removed and replaced with a new set.


Pre-lit tree lights aren’t any different than the light sets previously used on your tree.  The difference is someone else wrapped them on your tree and they can be left on.  If a set has to be replaced, the easiest way to remove the bad set is to cut it off.  BE SURE TO UNPLUG TREE BEFORE CUTTING ANY CORDS.  A new light set can be rewrapped or tucked into part of branches missing lights.